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There are a number of causes for premature hair loss, such as: illness, hormonal imbalances, medicinal side effects, and infections. All of these inflictions result in the loss of hair follicles. Hair doesn’t grow back quickly either. It normally takes a whole month for hair to grow just one centimeter!

Hair loss can also occur without any apparent cause, as is the case for many men around the world who suffer from male pattern baldness. And men are not the only ones who struggle with loss of hair. An estimated 20 million American woman also suffer from baldness.

While certain medicinal treatments are available, they are often ineffective and can take up 6 months before they show any sign of working. 

We at HairPRO sought to change this. We believe that everyone should have the full head of hair that makes them comfortable with who they are and how they look. That is why we developed the HairPRO Laser Brush. 

With the Laser Brush, you’ll see noticeable results in only 8 - 16 weeks! The HairPRO Laser Brush focuses the energizing and nourishing effects of Cold Laser Photo-therapy to make hair look healthy and vibrant. Our solution has been extensively tested and guaranteed to help you take back your image.

Join us today and reclaim your hair and confidence!

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